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Built using metal panels and concealed fasteners, this roofing system has a high-strength, weather-tight design. This results in outstanding durability, especially in extreme weather. Roofing panels are secured to the roof deck using clamps rather than nails or screws, meaning there are no holes that could permit moisture to seep through. Covering the fasteners safeguards against premature failure.
Whether you’re building a new structure or revamping an existing one, Berglund Construction & Sheetmetal can provide a roofing system tailored to your specifications. Our experienced team knows what it takes to build, maintain, and repair these roofing systems for commercial & Residential entities throughout the Northern Region of Minnesota.
Berglund Construction & Sheetmetal can provide a shingle roof tailored to your specifications, whether you’re building a new structure or revamping an existing one. With decades of experience, our team knows what it takes to construct, maintain, and repair these roofing systems.
The three leading types of single-ply membrane commercial roofing systems are thermoplastic polyolefin, ethylene propylene diene terpolymer, and polyvinyl chloride. They offer superior performance, but differing chemical makeups result in unique characteristics.
Arguably the most popular single-ply roofing retrofit solution is TPO, and for a good reason. This membrane is durable, flexible, and resistant to chemicals and moisture. Its reflective appearance combats sunlight and ultraviolet light exposure, reducing energy usage.
PVC membranes are lightweight, flexible, flame-resistant, and resist chemicals as well as animal fats. Seams are welded together, eliminating leaks and interior dampness. These attributes minimize areas where mold and fungi could grow.
An EPDM membrane is composed of strong and durable synthetic rubber, offering excellent resistance to extreme weather. Its black surface can assist with snow melt and heat retention in colder climates, while its elasticity is well-suited for warmer and hail-prone areas.

Some companies use heated pressure washers to remove ice dams, however, we do not recommend this method. Sending a stream of water at 4000 PSI to your shingles will cause damage. If it is used to remove ice dams and the operator cuts through the ice and into your shingles, they will cut holes in them. Most customers would rather not deal with getting a new roof on top of the damage already caused by the ice dam.

Ice Dam Crew teams only use steam to remove ice dams. Not only is it more effective and faster, but it will not damage your roofing.

Steam reaching 250-300 degrees is hot enough to cut through the ice quickly, yet at less than 300 PSI, it will not damage your roof.

We are so confident in our process that we stand behind our work and are fully licensed and bonded for all of the work we complete. 

Our facility gives us the ability to custom fabricate any project.  We stock a large selection of metal coils and flat sheets, and the technology to make precise bends and cuts, allowing for optimal customization.  No project is too big or too small. Simply send a drawing to us, and we will quickly give you an estimate.

• Flashings
• Chimney Flashings/ Caps
• Coping
• Trim-Custom Gutters
• Scuppers

When disaster strikes and your roof is impacted, an immediate response is necessary to minimize damage and safeguard assets. With highly trained personnel on call and ready to act, Berglund Construction is your emergency commercial roof repair partner.

Let’s schedule your commercial roof inspection!

Severe weather, debris accumulation, vegetation growth and UV exposure can take their toll on commercial roofs. Unfortunately, you may identify any damage until a professional inspection is completed. By taking proactive measures to keep up with regular maintenance and repairs of your roof system- you can extend its life cycle substantially. Want to get started? Schedule a detailed commercial roof inspection to begin safeguarding your investment.